Evaluating your Classifier

The previous post: Find your best fit This post is a continuation of the previous one. This one shall discuss a few more ways of evaluating a Machine Learning Algorithm – a Classification Model, in particular. Learning Curve Say we have fit some function to¬†‘x’ number of training samples. The error of this function keeps…… Continue reading Evaluating your Classifier

Find your Best Fit!

Let’s say we have chosen and implemented the best Machine Learning Algorithm, suitable for the data of our choice but ended up figuring out that the algorithm is actually making unacceptably large errors in prediction. What do we do next? Let’s discuss some choices that can be made in such a scenario and also get…… Continue reading Find your Best Fit!

Elastic Stack

Server logs contain some of the most valuable and untapped¬†information. Logs are always unstructured and usually makes little sense. Various opportunities of improvement might unveil by deriving insights from them. Elastic Stack or the ELK Stack is the most widely used solution for Log Analysis. It is Open Source and has a massive community pushing…… Continue reading Elastic Stack

Immortal India – Amish

Amish begins his first non-fiction book by quoting a poetry by Allama Iqbal (translated): Greek, Egyptian and Romans all vanished from this world, but we are still here, There must be something special in us, That we have not been erased from existence, For the whole world has been against us for centuries. Amish has…… Continue reading Immortal India – Amish