Serverless is a cloud-computing execution model that dynamically manages resources. It is categorized as FaaS or Function as a Service Solution. The idea is to create an abstract functionality which is available “on-demand”. Cloud Platforms bill only for the time of execution of the functionality. Serverless model reduces Operation cost, complexity of provisioning servers and maintaining…… Continue reading Serverless

Java for Python Developers 1 – Basics

The intention of this blog is to talk about the similarities and differences between Python and Java. This will be a series of blogposts, this being the first. Through this blog I plan to help myself and other Python developers learn Java easily by relating it to similar concepts in Python. The focus of this…… Continue reading Java for Python Developers 1 – Basics

Evaluating your Classifier

The previous post: Find your best fit This post is a continuation of the previous one. This one shall discuss a few more ways of evaluating a Machine Learning Algorithm – a Classification Model, in particular. Learning Curve Say we have fit some function to ‘x’ number of training samples. The error of this function keeps…… Continue reading Evaluating your Classifier

Find your Best Fit!

Let’s say we have chosen and implemented the best Machine Learning Algorithm, suitable for the data of our choice but ended up figuring out that the algorithm is actually making unacceptably large errors in prediction. What do we do next? Let’s discuss some choices that can be made in such a scenario and also get…… Continue reading Find your Best Fit!

Elastic Stack

Server logs contain some of the most valuable and untapped information. Logs are always unstructured and usually makes little sense. Various opportunities of improvement might unveil by deriving insights from them. Elastic Stack or the ELK Stack is the most widely used solution for Log Analysis. It is Open Source and has a massive community pushing…… Continue reading Elastic Stack

Python 3.7 – Cool New features

Welcome back, to Python! It’s time to discuss the cool new features shipped with Python 3.7. Here are some of my favorites: Data Classes Built-in breakpoint Typing module Importing Data files Data Classes What is it? A new decorator: @dataclass What’s new? It eases writing special methods in the class, like __init__(), __repr__(), and __eq__(. They are added…… Continue reading Python 3.7 – Cool New features

Build RESTful API in Golang

Welcome again! After learning some Golang, my next experiment was to build APIs. So, here’s a blog-post for someone interested in trying it out. The only prerequisite to building RESTful APIs is to know the basics of Golang along with some SQL. Link to my blog-post series on Introduction to Golang may come handy. The code…… Continue reading Build RESTful API in Golang