Immortal India – Amish

Amish begins his first non-fiction book by quoting a poetry by Allama Iqbal (translated): Greek, Egyptian and Romans all vanished from this world, but we are still here, There must be something special in us, That we have not been erased from existence, For the whole world has been against us for centuries. Amish has…… Continue reading Immortal India – Amish

Walking Towards Ourselves – Catriona Mitchell

A highly underrated book in my opinion! This book contains excerpts from books of 20 different women writers. All these stories broaden our perspective and gives a new look at life. At least one story will definitely trigger some memories from the past. I would categorize this book among those you miss out a lot…… Continue reading Walking Towards Ourselves – Catriona Mitchell

Three Thousand Stitches by Sudha Murthy

This is my third book by Sudha Murthy (after ‘Something Happened on the way to Heaven’ and ‘Gently falls the Bakula’) and this is the best, so far! The book is more like a travel down the memory lane along with Sudha Murthy. Most of them left me feel nostalgic and live my childhood again. The book…… Continue reading Three Thousand Stitches by Sudha Murthy

Home Front by Kristin Hannah

This book is about Love and War! It is about the hardships a woman serving in the Army undergoes. About balancing the needs of her family and the demands of her job. When I was first recommended this book and I happened to read the synopsis, it didn’t really sound very extraordinary. But once i…… Continue reading Home Front by Kristin Hannah

Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor. E. Frankl

This book is about the Author’s journey out of a Holocaust! He talks about his struggle in the Nazi concentration camps. His experiences help in realizing the real meaning of life which may have got blurred in the shortcomings of everyday routines. What could be the Real meaning of my Life? There cannot be a…… Continue reading Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor. E. Frankl