Serverless is a cloud-computing execution model that dynamically manages resources. It is categorized as FaaS or Function as a Service Solution. The idea is to create an abstract¬†functionality which is available “on-demand”. Cloud Platforms bill only for the time of execution of the functionality. Serverless model reduces Operation cost, complexity of provisioning servers and maintaining…… Continue reading Serverless

Java for Python Developers 1 – Basics

The intention of this blog is to talk about the similarities and differences between Python and Java. This will be a series of blogposts, this being the first. Through this blog I plan to help myself and other Python developers learn Java easily by relating it to similar concepts in Python. The focus of this…… Continue reading Java for Python Developers 1 – Basics

Endless Blue!

Why do we love the Sea? May be because it has some power to contain the calmness and serenity in that enormous raging.