The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

This one came as a total surprise to my perception of Dan Brown’s Books.
The story revolves around Freemasonry and a hidden secret. Robert Langdon tries to decipher the hidden secret that has been guarded for generations by a family of Masons. The story starts off introducing a fierce villain and how he manipulates Langdon into believing and deciphering the hidden secret. The secret has the potential that can lead to “apocalypse”. Dan Brown creates a plot that sound very real and so very believable. He brings in interesting artifacts like Durer’s painting, Franklin Magic Square that are used to solve puzzles. The novel is thrilling and delivers an edge-of-your-seat suspense until you read two thirds of the book. But as you approach the end, when all the missing parts are explained, it just doesn’t seem to fit together.

The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

As the story unfolds, the hidden secret which could potentially end the world if revealed, turns out to be something very obvious. The author doesn’t justify the necessity of hiding the secret, which is so easily accessible, behind unbreakable codes and protecting it through ages. However, he takes a lot of time proving that the secret could actually lead to disaster if fallen into the wrong hands. That was quite unconvincing.

The positive aspect of the novel is the plot that sounds so real. The Author uses the thin line between fiction and reality. His efforts in studying the elements of Freemasonry, The Architecture of Monuments, Holy books etc. bringing them into the story are commendable.

I truly enjoyed Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. May be it’s hard to write a series in the same genre. It is obviously not so easy to make a novel sound so real and at the same time make it a thriller. May be one’s expectation goes sky high after reading a good book like Da Vinci Code. You expect nothing less. However, I did have a great time reading as much as two thirds of the book and that is all that matters!

Author: Reverie

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