Experimenting with Succulents

The very idea of seeing a plant germinate from a seed and grow has always been very fascinating to me. Caring for plants is truly a great stress-buster.

My first ever plant from the Cactus & Succulent family arrived today. I have only had a few easy to grow plants. This is going to be a real experiment for me, with a lot of learning.


This tiny beauty is called Graptosedum. I ordered this online due to the Covid situation. I haven’t bought a plant in months. Only now did I muster the courage to buy a plant online. Unboxing it to see these beautifully color leaves was pure Joy!

The succulents of Graptosedum family are known to have leaves that spiral around the stem and form a rosette on the top. It thrives in fast draining soil and in outdoors with enough sunlight.

Succulents are dessert plants with thick leaves that store water. They need very less water and lot of sunlight mimicking the desert conditions. They should be watered judiciously, only when the soil is dry. Once a week could be the ideal time to water them. Over-watering can kill them. During monsoons, a balcony or kitchen’s windowsill would be the best place to keep it.

This is what I know so far. I will write a follow-up post on what I learnt while caring for this one and also on how this plant is doing.

Author: Reverie


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