Walking Towards Ourselves – Catriona Mitchell

A highly underrated book in my opinion! This book contains excerpts from books of 20 different women writers. All these stories broaden our perspective and gives a new look at life. At least one story will definitely trigger some memories from the past. I would categorize this book among those you miss out a lot in life if you haven’t read it.


My personal favorite is ‘Beyond Memories’ by  Salma, a Tamil poet and writer. She starts with a touching poetry (translated to English by Kalyan Raman)

“The monkey, sitting placidly on the tiled overhang with her sagging, distended belly and scratching her head, isn’t at all nervous about having to to find her own food, about the safety of the burden in her womb, or even about whose child it might be.”

Salma writes about different stages of her life, under the subheadings: My father, Preparing for marriage, The library and the cinema, A poet is born, Betrothal, Writing in secret, Betrayal and then, Freedom. 

Have women really attained freedom to make their own choices? If yes, are they making the right choices? The authors give you some perspective.

This book is a kaleidoscope of reflections of those in Bollywood to marital homes to survivors of cyclone in the Sunderbans. What is it like to walk in their shoes? What is it like to be a woman in India? The book tells you this and more.

Author: Reverie


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